Ryley Learning delivers the highest quality eLearning on the key issues affecting people and culture: workplace racism and harassment.

Ryley Learning’s mandate is to make workplaces safer and more equitable, and ensure that our customers minimize their legal and reputational risks. We achieve this by producing creative, impactful, and engaging eLearning on user-friendly platforms.


New Climate, Great Expectations

Workplace leaders must take concrete steps to tackle systemic racism and sexual harassment. Employees are asking for — and need — training solutions that will actually change behaviours.

Legal Expertise

Ryley Learning’s courses are smart, engaging and even entertaining – yet grounded in legal expertise. Founder and President Bay Ryley is a human rights & employment lawyer with experience litigating discrimination and harassment cases, and helping transform workplace cultures for the better. Bay designs and creates our solutions with panels of other content experts: lawyers and educators with professional and lived experience.

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Our customers

Our customers recognize that racism and sexual harassment pose risks to workplace culture, employee safety and wellbeing, as well as to brand reputation and profitability. Ryley Learning’s customers know that our creative, animated storytelling allows these key messages to “sink in,” and ensures that employees feel respected and engaged.

Recognized for Quality

Ryley Learning’s courses have been accredited for professional development credits by the Law Society of Ontario, Law Society of BC, CPHR (BC & Yukon) Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in the United States.