Global Companies Celebrate DEI Leadership, Despite “Anti-Woke” Rumblings

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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) topped the agenda as hundreds of global companies flocked to West Palm Beach, Florida in February. It was a thrill and real vote of confidence for Ryley Learning to win a silver medal for our eLearning course "Anti-Racism for Workplaces," among major players at this top industry conference. Influencers at this annual Human

Creativity = Learning That Resonates

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  How did our content become award-winning? I'd say its: an expert panel setting the curriculum brilliant course designers, animators, producers, and ... voice actors who are comedians! Wait - what? Comedians? For such serious messaging? Yes! Actor and comedian Kris Siddiqi cast and directed the voicing for Ryley Learning's "Anti-Racism for Workplaces" course. Kris picked outstanding people – comedians with lived experience of discrimination –

Happy New Year From “Future Generation”!

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The team as seen in our "Anti-Racism for Workplaces" course: Clockwise from left, the "lead characters": Mark, Kay, Maria, Ellen, Lina, Sharon, Greg, Monica.   Flemingdon Food Bank Donation Ryley Learning has made a donation to Flemingdon Food Bank in Toronto in honour of our customers and partners. The food bank distributes fresh and shelf-stable

Dan Galea as “Alex”

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  Dan Galea speaks about voicing the role of "Alex" in @Ryley Learning "Anti-Racism for Workplaces" eLearning course. Alex makes stereotypical assumptions about Kay’s interests… and acts like a jack *** as he asks for Kay’s help with the office party planning. “Can you help a brother out, yo? Makin’ a hiphop playlist!”

Jane Luk as “Ellen”

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  An Actor's Perspective: Jane Luk is an actor, comedian, and improviser. You may have seen Jane perform on the stage or on tv, film, and gaming: Handmaid’s Tale, Murdoch Mysteries, Kim’s Convenience, Anne With an E, Netflix’s Spinning Out, The Clark Sisters, Saw lll, Blood and Water, Abby Hatcher Fuzzly Catcher, Space Ranger

“At the end of the day, everyone loses”

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  An Actor's Perspective: Daphney Joseph is bilingual actor, comedian, and improviser. You may have seen Daphney perform stand-up and improv, live or on TV. We were lucky to have Daphney voice for both our English and French language course versions. Daphney speaks about voicing the role of "Sharon" in our "Anti-Racism for

Animation = Learning That Resonates

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  An Actor's Perspective: You've seen him on TV shows and commercials for major brands. Nigel Downer speaks about voicing the role of "Kay" in Ryley Learning's "Anti-Racism for Workplaces" eLearning course  For Kay, the "daily grind" at work has meant dealing with racial aggressions that many of his colleagues do not experience.   LEARN MORE ABOUT

Downsides to In-Person Training

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Workplace leaders are urgently looking for effective solutions to tackle systemic discrimination and harassment. Training is a critical plank of a successful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy. The desire to gather in-person for training (after all this time) is understandable. And having open dialogue about harassment and discrimination is a good approach.  However, there can be unexpected

DIY Anti-Racism Training? The Pitfalls of Internal eLearning Solutions

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Workplace leaders are looking for solutions to tackle systemic racism. Training via eLearning is not a “cure-all”, but it is a critical plank in your anti-racism strategy. Waves of highly publicized reports of current and historical racism continue, and your employees, shareholders, and customers expected action yesterday. But don’t let this urgency cloud your thinking about the

Ready to Rollout! Anti-Racism eLearning

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The Future Generation team returns! What happens when the CEO brings in an A.I. Robot to make “objective” hiring decisions? Over thirty minutes, a cast of employees share their experiences of workplace racism — highlighting bias and stereotyping. It becomes clear that Future Generation needs a reboot to address systemic racism.   Watch a Sneak

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