5 Signs of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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The legal definition of workplace sexual harassment differs depending where you live and what laws apply. Across North America, however, the behaviour and conduct that constitute sexual harassment are quite consistent across jurisdictions. Generally, sexual harassment is defined as conduct or comments that are known (or should reasonably be known) to be unwelcome. The

Four signs that sexual harassment is creating a toxic workplace

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If an organization has become toxic by enabling sexual harassment to thrive, it will require time and effort to fix, says Bay Ryley, founder and president of workplace e-learning company Ryley Learning. “A toxic workplace is not just one bad incident or one botched investigation — it’s the infiltration of inappropriate behaviours and responses," Ryley tells AdvocateDaily.com. “Once an organization has reached

Ryley educates employers on preventing sexual harassment

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Sexual harassment in the workplace can have a devastating impact on an organization’s brand and corporate reputation — as is apparent from the lawsuits, scandals and #MeToo revelations that have cast a negative shadow on a number of industries, says Toronto human rights and employment lawyer Bay Ryley. Lawmakers across North America are making workplace training mandatory

LSO mandates training on workplace sexual harassment

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As the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) highlights the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) — and there's a growing awareness of the need to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace — training for lawyers and paralegals is more essential than ever before, says Toronto human rights and employment lawyer Bay Ryley. While Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety

Harassment training uses animation to convey serious message

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Using innovative methods to educate employers and employees on sexual harassment in the workplace is proving to be an effective strategy, says Toronto human rights and employment lawyer Bay Ryley. Under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers must now have a workplace sexual harassment policy and provide training for all workers, she tells AdvocateDaily.com “The training

Major clients sign on for Ryley Learning’s sexual harassment training

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Toronto employment and human rights lawyer Bay Ryley is having early success with a program that uses personable animation to deliver an impactful message to help North American employers scrambling to train staff about sexual harassment. Ryley, founder and president of Ryley Learning, recently landed two major clients with hundreds of employees, Dentsu Aegis, a multinational media network and FreshBooks, a cloud-based

Ryley Learning online training tool focuses on eliminating sexual harassment

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Implementing meaningful sexual harassment training will not only reduce harm in the workplace, it may also limit liability and protect against reputational damage should misconduct occur, Toronto human rights and employment lawyer Bay Ryley tells AdvocateDaily.com. “If there’s a demonstrated failure to take appropriate action against sexual harassment in the workplace, it can affect the bottom line,”

E-learning solution for EDI hours, tackling sexual harassment in law firms

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News that the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) saw a sharp increase in complaints in the wake of the #MeToo movement highlights that lawyers are also grappling with sexual harassment in the workplace, says Toronto human rights and employment lawyer Bay Ryley. An LSO report says a number of contacts increased noticeably beginning in the fall of 2017 as the #MeToo