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Our eLearning courses bring the law to life through animation, actor-voiced characters, and realistic storylines. We offer:

  • Corporate-wide training;
  • Courses by jurisdiction;
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
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Corporate-Wide Learning

Core Course: Eliminating Workplace Sexual Harassment

Four ten-minute animated episodes tell the stories of employees at Future Generation, a leading (but fictitious!) manufacturer and retailer. Follow true-to-life characters in a range of scenarios as employees and managers witness, experience, and address workplace sexual harassment.Interactive, gamified activities ensure the message sinks in.

Eliminating Workplace Sexual Harassment, It’s Everyone’s Business

Everybody at the Future Generation head office loves Paul and his sense of humour. No matter what kind of crisis the office goes through, Paul always keeps his cool and helps lighten the mood. But what happens when the office funny guy’s jokes about new employee Cassandra cross the line?

Samir is a first-rate salesperson at a Future Generation retail outlet who loves his job – until a co-worker, James, makes him uncomfortable by making crude comments about women in the store, and about Samir. Samir doesn’t want to rock the boat, but he knows his co-worker’s behavior is not ok, and that comments that reinforce gender roles constitute workplace sexual harassment.

Ross is the manager of the Future Generations warehouse, beloved and incapable of harm. To speak his name evokes a smile, and stories of his charm. What happens when Ross becomes too friendly with Jasmine – an employee under his direct supervision?

Andy is an openly gay salesperson at the Future Generation head office. He is a valued member of the team and handles many major accounts. When an important potential client makes an off-colour joke about a photo of Dylan, Andy’s husband, Andy doesn’t know what to do. Luckily Andy and his manager Suzanne have the training they need to understand that comments based on sexual orientation are sexual harassment – even if they come from an important client.

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Interactive Learning

Gamified reflective exercises ensure the important points stick.

Actor Perspectives

Justin Landry

Justin plays the role of James, who sees himself as the “office funny guy”. What he refuses to realize is that the men and women he works with don’t find him very amusing.

Matt Hawkins

Matt plays the role of Ross — a boss that abuses his power and doesn’t seem to take no for an answer.

Kris Siddiqi

Kris voices “Samir” a first-rate salesperson who loves his job – until a co-worker starts making crude cracks about women in the store, and about Samir himself. Samir doesn’t want to rock the boat, but knows he has to take a stand.

Megan Fahlenbock

Professional voice actors like Megan Fahlenbock bring Ryley Learning’s animated e-course on workplace sexual harassment to life. Hear Megan’s take.

Legislation in Your Jurisdiction

Sexual harassment training is mandatory in a growing number of jurisdictions.

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We’re accredited

We have sexual harassment courses that have been accredited for continuing professional development (CPD) by a number of professional associations. For members to register and pay, click on the logo that may apply to you.

Languages and Accessibility

Our courses are provided in English and French, with video captions. Scripts available.