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    Cyber security awareness training

    NINJIO AWARE training uses engaging, 3-to-4 minute Hollywood-style micro-learning videos to empower individuals and organizations to become defenders against cyberthreats.

    NINJIO PHISH is a turn-key simulated phishing solution offering an in-house, dedicated team to build, run and report on campaigns.

    About NINJIO

    NINJIO offers a full methodology that reinforces lessons to ensure a culture of cybersecurity awareness. All under 7 minutes a month. NINJIO AWARE is a once-per-month, engaging animated episode based on a real security breach. NINJIO PHISH can automatically place employees who are caught by our phishing simulations into appropriate e-learning courses to improve their vigilance against genuine phishing attacks.

    A Sneak Peak of NINJIO AWARE Episodes

    Why NINJIO?

    NINJIO’s core philosophy is “no more boring lectures.” Unlike most security awareness training, which is simply a “check-the-box” exercise, we want users to be engaged and have fun while they’re learning about today’s biggest cybersecurity threats.

    What NINJIO Customers Say

    “Long gone are the days of lengthy videos that are ineffective, and boring to users. NINJIO videos are short, relevant, and frequent. Each video is 3-4 minutes long and will focus on telling a story of a real breach, and then give users a simple piece of advice to follow.”

    CIO, Large Retail Chain

    “NINJIO has turned the topic of cybersecurity awareness into something that people now chat about whilst they are getting their morning coffee. That must be a step in the right direction.”

    CIO, National Testing Service Company

    “Every month, when we release the new episode, “Information Security” becomes the buzz in the office. I have never seen such a thing. When did information security training become something our employees talk about? When we introduced NINJIO!”

    CIO, National Mortgage Company

    “Previous products were very long and boring. Staff would never take the time to watch the entire training and it was difficult to keep their interest and attention. From the start, NINJIO was well received and got the job done without wasting valuable time.”

    Director, IT, Federal Gov't Agency