Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Through real-life stories, designed by DEI experts, our interactive eLearning helps your teams explore, understand and confront discrimination and harassment in North American workplaces.

To elevate your DEI strategy, roll-out our courses:

  • Customized Huddle Guides

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

Employees engage ~90 minutes of eLearning to:

  • Explore discrimination and harassment on the basis of: sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, race, creed, and ethnic origin
  • Identify & understand concepts such as: Racial Bias & Stereotyping, Unconscious Bias, Inclusion & Belonging, Systemic Racism, “Quid pro quo” Harassment and Effective Allyship
  • Examine impacts on people and your organization
  • Identify strategies to combat harassment and racism, and to achieve your diversity, equity and inclusion goals

Why is DEI Training Imperative?

Employee Wellbeing

Your business has a duty to protect employees’ mental and physical health. Discrimination and harassment can cause injury and illness, and impair the morale of your most important asset: people. Training sends a clear message “from the top” that employees are supported and respected, and that each person feels they “belong.”

Liability & Litigation

Employers may be liable at law if they ignore signs and complaints of discrimination and harassment, or do not make best efforts to prevent them. Keep in mind:

  • The risk of incidents occurring is reduced when your whole organization understands what conduct is “off-side”;
  • Harassment and discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity (among others) are prohibited under human /civil rights laws in all North American jurisdictions;
  • In the face of any allegations, training can limit corporate liability for civil litigation and human rights claims.

Loss of Business & Brand Reputation

Your customers, employees, and all stakeholders expect leadership to prioritize a key business imperative: diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

A failure to make sustained efforts can be a “brand killer” that erodes customer trust. Similarly, do the wrong thing – or nothing – about workplace racism, and your employees will let you know by: quitting, bringing legal claims and complaints, or publicly “calling out” their employer on social media.

Award-winning Courses

Brandon Hall Group 2022 Excellence Awards

Ryley Learning is the recipient of the Brandon Hall Group 2022 Excellence Awards, Silver Medal for Best Learning Program for Unconscious Bias Awareness