How did our content become award-winning? I’d say its:

  • an expert panel setting the curriculum
  • brilliant course designers, animators, producers, and …
  • voice actors who are comedians!

Wait – what? Comedians? For such serious messaging?

Yes! Actor and comedian Kris Siddiqi cast and directed the voicing for Ryley Learning’s “Anti-Racism for Workplaces” course.

Kris picked outstanding people  comedians with lived experience of discrimination – to voice the roles of the animated characters:

“The great thing about working with my friends who are comedians… there’s a short-hand in understanding the situation each character is talking about…

I gathered a lot of fantastic people to add their talents to this project. They let their life stories and their experiences bleed through and really come out in the characters they were playing.”



Why Do We Use Professional Voice Actors?  

Digital voices and “lay peoples'” voiceovers on PowerPoints don’t cut it. We knew we had to match our top-notch video animation with quality voicing by professionals.

We went with an All-star cast. All the actors are members of the ACTRA union. We see and hear them in plays, movies, commercials, radio programs, and in live stand-up comedy.

During production, our actors knew when to make changes to ensure the script was more realistic for the character, or authentic to them as a person in the world.

Then we took multiple takes with a director to make sure the actor’s tone matched the message we wanted conveyed.


We Won an Award! (Pretty Much an eLearning Oscar!)

Ryley Learning is recognized for quality and credibility. We have some hardware to prove it:

Silver Medal, Brandon Hall Group 2022 Excellence Awards, Best Learning Program for Unconscious Bias Awareness! Our customer LCBO put us forward as a partnership. Very stiff competition across North America so we are very pleased and proud.



More About Kris Siddiqi

Kris Siddiqi is a comedian and creator of the CBCGem series BIT PLAYAS, an alumni of The Second City Toronto, a regular on CBC’s BECAUSE NEWS, and a voice actor. Film & TV credits include Netflix’s TITANS, Aaron Sorkin’s MOLLY’S GAME, Amazon’s THE BOYS, IFC/CBC’s BARONESS VON SKETCH SHOW. He’s got a Canadian Comedy Award (Best Male Improviser), Now Magazine Readers Choice (Favorite Male Improviser), Dora Award (Best Ensemble) and BIT PLAYAS won Best Representation of Communities Of Color (Minnesota WebFest 2020) and Best Comedy (First Glance Film Awards 2020).