Don’t believe the fake news from the anti-“Corporate Wokeness” crew! “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” is a thriving corporate imperative. Anti-harassment training, for example, is required by law in many jurisdictions. Training:

  • reduces the likelihood of harassment and discrimination in your workplace
  • can reduce the chances of expensive litigation and fines
  • improves retention by supporting employee inclusion

Your employees, shareholders, and customers expected action yesterday. Yet, after an economically thin 2023, training budgets for many of you have also been sliced.

What’s the solution? Engage a budget-friendly, award-winning vendor like Ryley Learning of course! (Below are three reasons why a Do it yourself “DIY” approach to eLearning design is not your best bet.)



Reason #1: Who’s Got the Time?

Building quality eLearning content takes months of collaborative work. This is particularly true where the subjects (eg. anti-harassment, unconscious bias) – are complex and sensitive.

In the meantime, discrimination and harassment are a direct and immediate threat to your peoples’ safety and wellbeing: there is no time to waste.

Your organization likely has excellent internal resources: HR, Learning & Development, Legal, and Diversity & Inclusion teams. But do they have the time – or the expertise – to design and launch an impactful curriculum?

Rather than starting from scratch on your own eLearning build, your teams’ energy would be better spent harnessing the learning you rollout from a quality third-party vendor.



Reason #2: Who Are Your Content Experts?  

Building eLearning content on politically and emotionally charged issues requires input from diverse stakeholders with expertise.

Do you have in-house expertise from those with professional and/or lived experience with discrimination? And if so, do they have the time and willingness to be involved?

A diverse army of educators, lawyers, writers, and designers were involved in the production of Ryley Learning’s new “Anti-Racism for Workplaces” course. Every learning objective, animation, script, and quiz was carefully researched, reviewed, and – at times – debated.

The result is a high-quality, impactful animated course, curated by experts.

You may find that new perspectives (from outside your organization) may be more successful in challenging your workplace culture’s status quo.



Reason #3: Style is Substance

The visual and design quality of training materials sends a message about how much your organization cares about the topic.

Our courses are animated, engaging, gamified and award-winning!

Vague webinars on “respect” no longer cut it. Dull PowerPoint slides loaded with text and definitions? Nope. Employees expect creative, focused, solutions that directly address the real-world.

Our customers consistently tell us the good news:

“Ryley Learning’s content is far more engaging than anything we’ve ever seen in this  learning space”

“It’s really, really relatable. The name mix up? This happens to my daughter at work all the time!”

“I love the animation. It was easy on the eyes and did not lend itself to caricatures.”


Need customization? That is still possible in tandem with a third-party vendor’s course. Many of Ryley Learning’s customers add their own: messages from leaders, logos, and workplace policies for review. You can also tack on industry-specific content, such as media articles, videos and podcasts.

Don’t reinvent the wheel and spend months creating a product may be substandard to what is already in the market and ready to launch. Get going on these important conversations now!