Employee education is a key part of any business; whether it’s for professional development, improving workplace culture or corporate training. The challenge, however, is finding the time to coordinate a conference or training course, which comes with costs beyond the price of the course itself. Employee commitment and retention can also prevent training success.

How can you Make your Educational Investment Worthwhile?

The key is to deliver the right training at the right time. Employees are busy with their core job responsibilities, but need also to devote time to educational and professional development training which must be flexible, cost-effective and include integrated learning techniques that will ensure information is retained in order for the educational investment to be worthwhile. Digital workplace training is emerging in the corporate sector as an alternative to the repetitive in-person training sessions – a more flexible form of workplace education that is rapidly growing.

Delivering the right message in the right format at the right time = retention and learning.

What are the Benefits of E-Learning?

With e-learning, large- and small-scale companies can access quality educational courses digitally, making it easier to:

  • provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to workplace training – no need to schedule and convene;
  • complete coursework with the added convenience of mobile, on-the-go training;
  • meet compliance regulations and mitigate risk;
  • track employee completion rates and view analytics in real-time;
  • educate employees by going beyond the typical in-person training

Our New E-Learning Course: Eliminating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment prevention training in the workplace has never been more important.Creating a safe and healthier workplace is now a primary concern, and many companies looking for alternative ways to educate the workforce and instill real behavioral change.

Eliminating Sexual Harassment: It’s Everyone’s Business” is an interactive digital course anchored by legal expertise that uses creative animation, storytelling, descriptive narratives to help employees identify, prevent, and report sexual harassment in the workplace.

The course is broken into four 10-minute videos and designed for mobile, allowing learners to access the course when it is most convenient for them.

On-the-go training that meets your needs

The training program also provides:

  • employee tracking and reporting to certify that your business has met its legal requirements
  • simplicity and ease: automated emails are sent with log-in credentials ready to go
  • interactive learning that improves information retention and learning
  • cost savings: no added costs such as food or event coordination required
  • a lasting and positive impact on workplace culture