Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Do This?

Lawmakers across North America are making workplace training mandatory in a growing number of jurisdictions, including Ontario, Maine, California, and New York City. With impactful training, an organization can send a clear message that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. This show of leadership is likely to decrease incidents of sexual harassment, and make the workplace safer for everyone.

Employers can be liable for incidents of sexual harassment. By having effective training, an employer may limit its corporate liability if such claims are litigated. Sexual harassment affects brand and corporate reputations too, as is apparent from the recent flood of lawsuits, scandals and #MeToo revelations.

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How is the Course Delivered?

Over four, ten-minute animated episodes, this sensitive topic is explored through the stories of staff and managers at “Future Generation.” With interactive exercises, employees learn how to identify and respond to incidents and complaints of sexual harassment.

Storylines cover the real challenges people face when they experience or witness sexual harassment, or when they are a workplace leader tasked with addressing complaints.

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What’s the Format?

We take care of the delivery. Users receive automated logins and reminders. The course is hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS), or can be uploaded to your organization’s LMS.

Our system is efficient and convenient, allows you to avoid the logistical headaches of scheduling in-person training sessions. There’s no need to do the course all in one sitting, and its designed for mobile so learning can be carried out on smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

Managers can have special access to track compliance, and gauge the real-time analytics.

How Do I Get a Demo?

Please let us know your company size, industry, and location so that we can understand your needs.


How Much? How Does Pricing Work?

Pricing is on a per-user basis, ranging from $10 to $100 per employee. Volume discounts are available.

Customization is available. Just ask us for details!

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