What do you need to know? – It’s Mandatory.

Training on workplace harassment and violence is mandatory in Alberta under the Occupational Health and Safety Act for employers who employ 20 or more workers.

Further,  under the Alberta Human Rights Act,  employers are responsible for ensuring that the work environment is free from discrimination based on the protected grounds. Training can help eliminate or reduce employers’ liability for any discriminatory incidents.

Training Requirements

Employers must instruct workers on:

  • the hazard of workplace harassment and violence
  • how to recognize the signs of danger
  • what to do about it
  • how to report it

Penalties for Not Complying

Employers who do not provide the required training for preventing workplace harassment and violence can be ordered to pay monetary fines up to $500,000 under the OHSA.

They will also have a more difficult time defending themselves in the event of a civil or human rights claim because will be unable to demonstrate that they took “reasonable steps” to prevent harassment from occurring. Legal fees and damage awards can be sizable.

Ryley Learning

Ryley Learning offers an e-learning course that complies with Alberta’s workplace harassment and violence prevention training requirements. The core course is designed for corporate-wide training and includes animated episodes, real-life scenarios, and interactive activities to ensure understanding.