The Future Generation team returns! What happens when the CEO brings in an A.I. Robot to make “objective” hiring decisions? Over thirty minutes, a cast of employees share their experiences of workplace racism — highlighting bias and stereotyping. It becomes clear that Future Generation needs a reboot to address systemic racism.


Watch a Sneak Peek of Anti-Racism for Workplaces

Designed for a wide range of workplaces and sectors, Ryley Learning’s Anti-Racism for Workplaces online course educates and empowers employees and managers. The course uses diverse characters to illustrate common themes of race-based discrimination and harassment arising in North American workplaces.


Look for Our Next Blog: “How We Built This”

Stay tuned for the next blog post on “How We Built This” where talk about our expert panel, All-Star Cast of Voice Actors, and our intentional choices on animated design.